Full-waveform Inversion code with GUI, Python and Fortran, 2022

Svailable from: https://github.com/Haipeng-ustc/SWIT-1.0.

  • Seismic Waveform Inversion Toobox-1.0 (SWIT-1.0) is an FWI platform written in Fortran (wavefield modeling) and Python (nonlinear inversion & data preprocessing). SWIT-1.0 currently supports 2D inversion based on acoustic wave equation. More features are coming soon. image

  • Sythetic FWI examples by SWIT-1.0, also find here examples image

  • We have conducted several successful applications on land field dataset with SWIT-1.0. See our IMAGE’21 abstract:

Citation: Li, H., Li, J., Liu, B., & Huang, X. (2021). Application of full-waveform tomography on deep seismic profiling data set for tectonic fault characterization. Link