About me

Hi, I’m Haipeng Li, a Ph.D. student in geophysics at SEP, Stanford University. My research interests include seismic wavefield modeling, active/passive imaging, and full-waveform inversion. I have developed my expertise in the following directions:

  • Seismic Wavefield Modeling
    • Spectral Element Method
    • Finite Element Method
    • Theory of Absorbing Boundary Conditions
  • Seismic Waveform Imaging & Inversion
    • Reverse Time Migration
    • Full Waveform Inversion
    • Ambient Noise Tomography

At present, I focus on investigating the Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) to resolve real-life problems including hydrocarbon exploration, urban environment monitoring, and hazard mitigation. Also, I’m exploiting Machine Learning techniques in seismic wave simulation. I’m looking for cooperation with those who share the similar research interests.